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Abdi Aden

Abdi grew up in Mogadishu until the outbreak of Somalia’s devastating civil war separated him from his family and home. He fled Mogadishu with 300 others and headed for the Kenyan border. On the way, death squads hunted them. Abdi and a group of other boys were caught and lined up to be executed. Miraculously the bullets missed Abdi but he fell to the ground and feigned death. Of the 300 who set out from Mogadishu, only five survived to reach Kenya.

Abdi’s work revolves around community development. Overcoming hardship, mental health issues, adolescence and difficult social positions are themes that tend to recur in youth work.



I would like to pass on to Abdi our greatest appreciation for his attendance last week at our Staff Day (St Mary’s Cathedral College). The staff enjoyed and were captivated by Abdi’s talk and experiences.

—A. Ciaschetti, St Mary’s Cathedral College, July 2013

Abdi was excellent, honest and well-prepared. The students loved Abdi’s story, humour and humanity despite all he had seen.

—A. Godfrey, Buckley Park College, March 2013

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