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Alice Zaslavsky

Alice Zaslavsky has made a career out of crafting connections through food, as teacher, writer, television host-producer and live presenter.  Before making her on-screen debut on  MasterChef Australia  in 2012, Alice was the youngest deputy head of department at an elite Melbourne school. Her best-selling children’s book, Alice’s Food A-Z , was the first cookbook to be given a Notable gong by the Children’s Book Council of Australia. As food editor for The Weekly Review, Alice’s restaurant reviews and weekly musings on food were a feature in 630,000 homes across Melbourne.

Co-hosting Kitchen Whiz and Crunch Time for kids, and Short Cuts to Glory (for slightly bigger kids), Alice seeks to encourage young people to hone their critical food literacy and step (or leap?) out of their comfort zones. Alice’s latest project,  Phenomenom.com.au, is a free digital tool kit for primary schools that makes fresh food an exciting part of every classroom.

Alice Zaslavsky will always be a teacher; as a fourth-generation educator, it’s in her DNA.

But these days, her classroom goes far beyond four walls and a white-board. With her bubbly personality, gregarious outlook and boundless enthusiasm, she has taken her passion for learning, for food and, above all, for living life with gusto, to kids and grown-ups alike.

Born in Tbilisi, Georgia, Alice’s love of food was influenced by family feasts and weekend trips to her grandfather’s Dacha. After migrating to Australia at age 7, she spent much of her youth engrossed in the cuisines and cultures of distant lands as she travelled the world with her academic parents.

This sparked a keen interest in adventure, which she’s continued to cultivate; notching up a trek to Everest Base-Camp, reaching the Arctic Circle, walking over hot coals, and going deep-sea fishing with sharks on the Great Barrier Reef. For her, life is all about saying “yes” and being constantly inspired by new challenges.

It was for this reason, that when auditions came up for MasterChef, Alice made the difficult decision to leave her career as Deputy Head of Humanities & Middle School English Teacher behind, for what she thought of as “the ultimate cooking class”. Her quirky sense of humor, compassion towards others and fun-loving nature saw Alice become a favourite of the series.

Her ultimate mission is to use food to engage and excite the next generation of eaters, turning them into curious cooks and even curiouser individuals. Having Alice’s Food A-Z described as “Andy Griffiths meets Heston Blumenthal” by Books + Publishing magazine, hosting popular children’s game-show Kitchen Whiz, founding teachers’ reference hub FOOD-ED.com, continuing her residency as “Edible Adventurer” at Melbourne’s iconic Prahran Market, and traversing the country as food-fest-MC-extraordinaire means that Alice is making this Mission Quite Possible.

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