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Frances Whiting

Frances Whiting is Queensland’s best-known and best-loved newspaper columnist. For five years her weekly column in the Sunday Mail has made readers smile, cry, tear their hair out, and on several occasions, fall out of bed laughing. Frances is also the Associate Editor of the Sunday Mail and Senior Feature Writer. When she isn’t doing all of these things she enjoys playing guitar badly and falling off her surfboard.


On behalf of the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce, we would like to sincerely thank Frances for her generous time that she gave to us at the Women In Leadership Conference last week. Her gifted words and brilliantly crafted advice were so thought provoking, creative, powerful and of course hilarious, that we were all so impressed by everything that she said. While it was a big day for many of those attended, we are so thankful for Frances’s closing words as they were light, funny, inspiring and creative.

The Conference was created in the hope to showcase, to aspiring independent women that their hero’s started out much the same way as everyone else. But it is the journey that we tackle every day, the advice that we hear and the opportunities that we grab, that truly make our individual stories great. And this is so true for Frances and we thank you for sharing pieces of her and her column, they were just great!

Her poise and presence certainly aligned with what we had hoped and more for the conference, so that those that attended could take something away from the day and I believe that after her presentation they certainly were ready to go out and grab one of her books.

Again please pass on our sincerest thanks to Frances and we look forward to hearing the next instalment from her life in her next column.

—A. Meredith, Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce, February 2017

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