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Open Right

23 March 2016
Fantastic Feedback!


We love receiving feedback and it’s even better when it’s so glowing. This is in response to Clementine Ford’s talk during the week of International Women’s Day, for the Transport Workers Union in QLD.

“The event was very simply a raging success. Over 180 people attended, a majority of women but some good men as well, from the ALP but also surprisingly to those who have organised ALP events before – over a third of the attendees were not ALP members.

The significance of this should not be overlooked. We have established networks to whom we  promote our events and for special events we might attract a handful of non ALP members.

Such was the appeal of Clementine that we had extraordinary interest in our online event (over 800 people were interested) and approx 60 people not affiliated with the ALP chose to attend an ALP event – quite unheard of.

Clementine is simply fantastic – gracious, warm, genuine, funny, fierce and intelligent. Her insights were striking, her message was clear and the audience could not get enough of her with some waiting over 45 minutes after the event for a chat or a photo.

Thank you for help in bringing Clementine to Brisbane.”