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Knowledge and education are the foundations for future successes. Speaking Out has always been committed to providing Australia with a new way of thinking. Our dedication to inspiring people to see the world in a new light has always been our aim. Empowering people with a different and new mindset can make all the difference in their perspectives and life.

At Speaking Out we believe that a better world lies in the good foundations of tomorrow’s leaders. To truly nurture young children and teenagers, it is vital that parents understand the world around them. It is important they can see the world in more than one perspective; that they can see all the angles of parenting. Parenting today is complex and requires understanding around issues such as: online citizenship, drugs and alcohol, education styles the developing brain and learning styles. From babies to teenagers and even the tweens, we have these issues covered. You’ve heard that raising a baby takes a village, why not bring an expert into the fold?

It is here that we have the inspiring speakers that will challenge parents. Humorous, honest and motivating, our speakers will challenge adults to see parenting in a complete new way. With fresh new concepts and ideals on major social and personal issues, parents will walk away with an alternative view on nurturing their children. Use the Speaking Out search feature to find experienced parenting speakers listed with us in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth and other Australian cities.

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