World Environment Day

5 June

World Environment Day encourages us to take positive environmental action. It’s all about coming together to ensure a cleaner, greener and brighter outlook for ourselves and future generations.

We work with environmental scientists, activists and advocates who inspire us to realise our power to become agents for change, and share ideas for building a sustainable future.

More information and resources about World Environment Day are available here.


  • Chris Turney

    Chris Turney

    Chris is an Australian and British professor of Earth science and author of three popular science books. Chris is an Australian Research Council (ARC) Laureate Fellow and Professor of Climate […]

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  • Tanya Ha

    Tanya Ha

    Tanya Ha is an award-winning environmentalist, best-selling author, broadcaster, science journalist and sustainable living advocate. More hip than hippie, she makes sustainability and science easier to understand and is best […]

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  • Claire Dunn

    Claire Dunn

    Claire Dunn is a writer, educator, journalist and barefoot explorer. Claire worked for many years as an environmental campaigner with The Wilderness Society, before turning her attention to the human-nature […]

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  • Ben Cryan

    Ben Cryan

    Ben Cryan achieved the unachievable. After falling from his surfboard onto a coral reef and developing a serious illness, he survived thirty-three operations, including a kidney transplant. Now back on […]

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  • Anna Krien

    Anna Krien

    Anna Krien is the author of Night Games: Sex, Power and Sport, Into the Woods: The Battle for Tasmania’s Forests and Quarterly Essay 45Us and Them: On the Importance of Animals. […]

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