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Brook McCarthy

Brook McCarthy is a digital marketing trainer and business coach with 15 years’ experience in digital communications.

Having worked in small business her entire life, and with her father running his own business, Brook well understands the challenges that business owners face. We develop diverse skills to juggle multiple roles, and it’s common to feel overstretched and, sometimes, overwhelmed.

Many of us start businesses because we want more freedom or need flexibility, only to find the popular propaganda about entrepreneurship far removed from reality. Or, we’re driven by a strong sense of purpose to start our own thing, but find ourselves challenged by lack of funds and support. Through coaching, courses, and online training, Brook helps business owners to learn how to love the juggle, thrive in chaos, and work for the love, as well as the money. With a degree in comparative religious studies and as a qualified yoga teacher with 18 years’ experience, Brook helps people better understand the meanings we bring to work and how our work affects our self-identity.


  • Unconventional careers: Change is the only constant in life, so we best embrace this at work. For those who don’t follow conventional paths into the workforce, how can we navigate through our options? For those who’ve found themselves in a conventional career and then lost their mojo, how do you figure out what next?
  • Marketing in the brave new world of business: Brands are no longer in charge. The brave new world of business demands transparency, adaptability, collaboration, empathy and creativity. Social media has had an enduring influence on business that permeates far beyond
  • Easy and effective content marketing: Blogging + social media + email marketing are the triple pillars of content marketing. Together they are more than the sum of their parts. But how do we use content to create real community – not just likes? How do we get inside the heads of our target market so we can give them what they want, not what we think they need? How can we reach through a screen to pluck the heartstrings of strangers, develop rapport and trust, and convert them into new customers?
  • Hustle needs heart needs hustle: Too often, business is an either/or equation. Either you work for love, devotion and passion, or you work for money. Either you’re committed to 70 hour work-weeks, or you are busy at the beach, with a craft or hobby business on the side. Heart without hustle lacks the funds to be sustainable, while hustle without heart ignores the human element and quickly burns itself out. How can we combine both – humanising business so that it becomes more powerful and effective, tapping into empathy and creativity to make marketing far more relevant, valuable and compelling, and using our values to guide our business decision.

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