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Luke Atkins

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Luke Atkins

Luke Atkins is one of Australia’s leading obstacle endurance athletes. In 2012 and 2013 Luke finished 14th at the Tough Mudder World Championships, a 24 hour race held in the USA in which he completed more than 300 obstacles and 120km. He is also a member of the Under Armour Australia Team for Obstacle Racing.

Luke believes “life is the ultimate endurance race”. That the qualities needed to finish one of these races are the same qualities that allow us to keep persevering and ultimately achieve our best life. He applies the value of these qualities in the physical arena for use in everyday life.


  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • Goal Setting
  • Commitment: Learn to create parameters to ensure you totally commit and see a task through to the end.
  • Resilience + Determination= Grit
  • Face the Fear of Failure


Luke was extremely inspirational and our students were very taken with his motivational ideas, particularly his take on Year 12 as being the academic equivalent of his Tough Mudder experiences.  Luke made a strong and successful effort to connect with both the males and females in his audience, which made the entire group appreciate his messages all the more.  He was engaging, honest, uplifting and definitely made his audience want to leap out of their chairs and make a positive start toward their own finish lines.

—J. Hahn, Gippsland Grammar, February 2016

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