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Nyadol Nyuon

Nyadol Nyuon is a lawyer, community advocate, writer, and accomplished public speaker. She holds a bachelor degree in Arts from Victoria University and a law degree from the University of Melbourne.

Nyadol arrived in Australia as refugee in 2005. She was born in a refugee camp in Ethiopia, and spent some of her childhood in the Kakuma Refugee camp in Kenya.

She is passionate about social justice and a fairer society and speaks on issues concerning human rights, multiculturalism, social cohesion, race and media and on diversity and representation. Nyadol is also interested in Australian and world politics and the nature of our public discourse. She brings a unique perspective to public debate and is a recognised social commentator regularly appearing on various media outlets including the ABC’s The Drum and as a panellist on the ABC’s QandA. She is frequently invited to speak at conferences, community forums and workshops, and many social events.

Nyadol is an occasional contributor for The Age and has been published in the Sydney Morning Herald; the Saturday Paper; The Australasian Review of African Studies, The Australian Mosaic Magazine and Offset (The Victoria University’s annual literary magazine).

In 2016, Nyadol was the recipient of the Future Justice Prize and has been nominated as one of the hundred most influential African Australians (2011).

In 2018 her efforts to combat racism have widely recognised, with achievements including the Afro-Australian Student Organisation‘s Unsung Hero Award, the Harmony Alliance Award for significant contribution to empowering migrant and refugee women, and being listed as a finalist for the Australian Human Rights Commission‘s Racism. It Stops With Me Award.

She lives in Melbourne with her daughter.


On behalf of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, I am writing to express my sincere thanks for your outstanding keynote address at our World Refugee Day celebrations last week.

We received overwhelmingly effusive feedback on your remarks, both at the event itself and for several days afterwards. Most of all, people were incredibly moved by how warmly you were able to tell your personal story, in such a context as to give a powerful and poignant commentary on the global displacement situation more broadly.

—T. Albrecht, UNHCR Regional Representative, June 2018

Thank you for your amazing speech at the Gala Dinner. It was so good of you to share some of your story with our alumni community and to encourage them to support scholarships to enable more amazing people like you to obtain a degree from Melbourne Law School.

You spoke beautifully and with great sincerity and dignity (and some nice humour!). So many people told me afterwards what a great impression your words made and how much they admired you and what you have achieved.

—Professor C. Evan, Dean, Melbourne Law School, June 2017

You really are brilliant at what you do – not in an “everybody look at me” kind of way, but in a sincere, educated, raw, lived experience way. You are incredibly charismatic and I can tell you that so many people have commented on your speech at our event. They all speak of how genuine, provoking and impactful your perspective and words are.

Although some members of your community may not realise it, you do a fantastic job of raising the profile of your community, of helping people to gain a better insight into your culture and into your lived experiences. This is invaluable.

—S. Pilkinton, Women's Health Grampians Intercultural Engagement Advisor

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