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Cameron Daddo

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Cameron Daddo is an actor, singer/songwriter and an evening DJ at Smooth FM.

For the actor a good chunk of time is spent auditioning for parts. For everyone else, in many ways life is an audition – everyone has moments when they have to step out there for what they want. We all have to deal with difficult people, we all have to learn how to balance our professional and personal lives and we all need to be as prepared as can possibly be.

Working in show business for thirty-plus years (25 of those in Hollywood), Cameron Daddo has seen and experienced a lifetime of mind-blowing events and more rejection than he can remember. It’s been a life of successes and failures, of comedy and drama. There’s been romance and heartache, misery and fun and among it all, lessons that he has learned along the way and wants to share.

He understands, what works for him, may not work for you… at very least, he hopes you will be entertained.

Hope, optimism, the understanding that things always change and the importance of GRATITUDE… and to beware the kid that stutters.

Learn more about Cameron Daddo’s work with men’s mental health at Men’s Team.


Cameron is a natural. He is genuine, authentic and very humorous in delivering a message that is relevant to any audience, but particularly in a business/ convention setting.

—Chris Carr, Co-Founder, Freedom Sales Academy

Cameron had the audience on a string, with incredible tales of his life in Hollywood. Reflecting on personal experiences, the need for resilience and determination, his honesty shone through captivating the entire room.”

—Brent Backhouse, CEO, Asquire Invest

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