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Tanya Ha is an award-winning environmentalist, best-selling author, broadcaster, science journalist and sustainable living advocate. More hip than hippie, she makes sustainability and science easier to understand and is best known for her TV shows and popular environmental books.

Tanya is currently Director of Engagement at Science in Public, a member of the leadership team of Science & Technology Australia, and an Associate of the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute. She was a reporter for ABC Catalyst, the ‘eco coach’ on the landmark SBS series Eco House Challenge, and a tour ambassador for National Science Week. In 2010, she won the UN Association of Australia’s Media Award for Environmental Reporting.

Tanya is a warm, informative and entertaining storyteller. She provides audiences with the information they need to make informed choices, packaged in rich stories, examples and personal reflections. As a former journalist, she is an experienced interviewer and a skilled MC. She is also an active advocate for diversity and women in science.

Tanya is on the advisory groups of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science and Science Gallery Melbourne, and has also served on the boards of Sustainability Victoria and Keep Australia Beautiful (National Association).

Visit Tanya Ha’s website at and stay up to date with her on Twitter.


I worked with Tanya Ha over three World Science Festival Brisbane programs from 2016 to 2018, during which she moderated several panel-style conversations involving international and local experts across a broad range of topics.

Tanya is always an engaging and engaged presenter who works hard from the first contact to present a well-researched, interesting and entertaining event for both audience and speakers. Of particular value, Tanya is happy to be fully involved in the event content and to source speakers where required.

In short, Tanya was a pleasure to work with at all levels from initial planning of speakers to delivery, and I would recommend her to host or facilitate any event.

—Fiona Wylie, Science Editor, World Science Festival Brisbane

Tanya Ha is certainly one of the best MC’s operating in the STEM space in Australia at the moment. I was lucky enough to secure her services for an event I ran in Hobart in 2015—a panel discussion exploring the nature of pseudoscience. Tanya was extremely professional with great stage presence, but more importantly she had the intelligence and background to really add value to our event and keep the discussion on track and accessible. It takes a very unique skill set to wrangle scientists and other STEM professionals on stage and to help them communicate effectively to diverse audiences and Tanya is very effective in this role.

I was in the audience at another event Tanya MC’d at the World Science Festival in Brisbane in 2016, where she had six very strong personalities on stage, talking about the complicated and emotive topic “Can we save our precious reefs in time?”. In front of a packed house she guided discussions through the tricky intersections of marine science, government policy, climate science and environmental management to deliver a valuable and engaging experience for all those attending.

—Sarah Bayne, Manager, Inspiring Australia (Tasmania), University of Tasmania

Tanya is a relatable and engaging MC who puts panellists at ease with her warm personable style. Tanya’s analytical and scientific background has equipped her to cut through to the heart of the issue for discussion while her communication skills keep panellists focused and audiences interested through summary, anecdote and humour.

In 2018 Tanya moderated a panel of federal parliamentarians from the Coalition, Labor and the Greens for an audience of scientists and technologists at our annual flagship event, Science meets Parliament. She managed to bring balance to the competing energetic voices and competition for speaking time, ensuring all panellists had a fair say while keeping the tone conversational and collegiate while cutting through to the key issues of interest to our audience.

—Kylie Walker, CEO of Science & Technology Australia; Chair of Australian National Commission for UNESCO

At Rockdale City Council’s first ever Environmental and Sustainability Forum I was wowed by Tanya Ha’s presentation. I was familiar with some of her work, having read her book Greeniology which I agree is the greenies’ bible.

Greeniology is well written, jam-packed full of practical facts and had led me to expect Tanya to be a greenie on the bookish side. I wasn’t expecting to be charmed, inspired, empowered and entertained as I was by her presentation.

—Review, Slanted magazine, July 2013

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