A decade for change



A decade for change

This is undoubtedly a decade for change after what has been a devastating summer for Australia. The bushfire crisis has ripped lives apart, destroying hundreds of homes and decimating over 4 million hectares of land including unnumbered animals and their habitats. As Australia reckons with its future landscape, the world is watching. As individual Australians, we look for leadership and as George Megalogenis’s article last month (11/1/20, The Age & SMH) wisely pointed out, we have experienced inadequate political leadership leading up to and during this time of crisis. We hope that these catastrophic events are the catalyst for necessary change.

Speaking Out have always been ‘agents for change’ and this mission feels pertinent now more than ever. As we continue to find the voices that rise up to meet the issues at hand we feel fortunate to be surrounded by optimism and possibilities despite the grim statistics of our times. With this in mind, for our first newsletter for 2020, we’ve chosen to highlight six of our speakers whose focus is on change.

We hope that you or your organisation finds an opportunity to invest in a speaker for change in 2020.

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