How does winning Olympic Gold change your life?

In case you hadn’t noticed the Olympics are on! Children and Adults alike are glued to the TV cheering on their favourite athletes to push themselves that little bit further to achieve their dreams.  We’ve seen some highs, we’ve witnessed lows, but what does a gold medal actually mean at the end of the day?

Lauren Burns, the winner of the first Olympic gold medal for Taekwondo, was recently interviewed by Peter Wilmoth for The Weekly Review, about her life post winning gold at the 2000 Olympics. Lauren hadn’t really thought about how the win would affect her life.

“When Lauren Burns won gold in taekwondo at the Sydney Games in 2000, people told her it would change her life forever. ‘But I never really thought what that might mean,’ she says.

It didn’t take long to find out, and it was all good. The win supercharged her career speaking in schools and in the corporate world. Her bookings increased 100-fold.

‘I retired straight away, which meant I could speak anywhere, anytime,’ says Lauren, 42. ‘I was running around the country. I reckon it took about five years until I slowed down and took a breath.’”

It’s an impressive achievement and one that Lauren speaks passionately about as a motivational and keynote speaker. She is down to earth, yet driven and her story will inspire teams to achieve and learn how to effectively goal set.

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To read the article in full, visit: http://www.theweeklyreview.com.au/meet/australian-olympic-champions-how-gold-changed-their-lives/#sthash.GqvU1IFh.dpuf


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