Speaking Out Joins the School Strike for Climate



Speaking Out Joins the School Strike for Climate

This Friday 20 September, Speaking Out and our sister agency Booked Out, will join students from over 100 schools around Australia, and across seven continents worldwide, to strike for a better future.

The School Strike for Climate comes three days ahead of the United Nations Emergency Climate Summit, and is an important moment to stand in solidarity with younger generations to demand action on climate change.

We are in the thick of a climate crisis and it is time for the Federal Government to speak out, to act and to safeguard our world for generations to come.

“It may seem impossible to pull the emergency brake yet that is what we must do. But right now I think an awakening is taking place. Activism works. So what I’m telling you now to do is #act. See you on the streets”  – Greta Thunberg

We’ll see you there.



Watch Greta’s speech in Assemblee Nationale for more inspiration.


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