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Donna Campisi embodies the spirit of adventure and resilience. From spearheading a successful fundraising campaign with the mantra ‘there’s no such thing as can’t,’ Donna has evolved into a dynamic speaker, author, adventurer, podcaster, inspiring countless individuals with her unwavering ‘go do it’ attitude.

Surviving a stroke and other life-threatening complications at the tender age of seven, doctors doubted Donna’s ability to walk or talk again. At fourteen, she faced another formidable challenge when diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Undeterred by adversity, Donna set her sights on overcoming her limitations. In 2012, only able to run a mere 30 tentative steps, she set a monumental goal for herself – learning to run again to complete a marathon in 2013, marking the beginning of her inspirational journey.

A fervent advocate for following one’s dreams, Donna empowers audiences to cultivate confidence, independence, strength, courage, and self-belief, emphasizing that they can indeed achieve their goals and cross their finish lines.

Donna’s infectious positivity and engaging demeanor infuse warmth, laughter, and a spectrum of emotions into her speaking engagements. Her eagerly awaited book, ‘The Unlikely Marathoner,’ seamlessly blends autobiography with a practical guide, offering readers valuable insights into her own heartfelt journey and the transformative challenge of relearning to run after 34 years.

Beyond her flagship book, Donna has authored other inspirational reads such as ‘Turn Dreams into Reality,’ ‘Inspiration Bible,’ and ‘Change is Not a Scary Word.’

As the host of the podcast ‘Ready! Set! Goal!’ Donna guides listeners on a journey toward their aspirations. The show features enlightening conversations with guests from around the globe, sharing their secrets to achieving their goals.

Whether your aim is to conquer a daunting personal goal, seek a keynote speaker for your company, or rally your team toward success, or a school where students and teachers crave motivation, Donna Campisi is the ideal presenter to inspire and motivate at your next event.

Donna is a tenacious individual who tackles challenges by breaking them down into ‘baby steps’ and cultivating the right mindset. She confidently asserts, “Don’t merely wait for opportunities to present themselves; actively create your own!”

Keynote Titles:
• The One Question: to Achieve Your Big Scary Goal.
• Emphasizing the quote: There’s No Such Thing as Can’t…
• Boosting Your Confidence: Inspire, Believe, Achieve.
• The Power is in Me: Conquering Seemingly Impossible Obstacles.
• The Significance of Collaborative Teamwork.
• Navigating Life Beyond Your Comfort Zone: Embracing Challenges and the Unexplored.
• The Power of Mental Resilience.
• Unlocking Success through the ‘Baby Step Method.’

Donna’s Speaker Show Reel:

Donna’s TED Talk:


Donna recently spoke at our Carers Week Luncheon and shared her wonderfully inspiring message – ‘The power is in you” to overcome struggles. This really resonated with the carers attending our event as they are often faced with difficult hurdles themselves in caring for people they love. Donna’s talk was emotional yet she also brought humour to the event with her wonderful presence as a speaker.  It has been a pleasure to work with Donna and hear her story.

—Leona McQuaid - Carer Links North

My business recently engaged Donna to present to our client base.  All feedback has been very positive with Donna’s presentation proving to be both motivational and emotional.  A presentation not to be missed.

—Chuck Audino, Elders Financial Planning Seminar

Donna spoke at our corporate breakfast meeting ‘the POWER is in Me!’ She speaks from the heart with honesty and humility and engaged everyone with her life story. Donna is truly inspirational and left us all believing that the POWER to make change and accept challenges really is in us.

—Jackie Heaysman, Education Business Manager, Sunraysia Institute of TAFE

Members in attendance felt the Event was well presented with an awesome Guest Speaker! YOU. You spoke with warmth & clarity. The film clip was supported by your ‘story’ and everyone’s attention was captured by it. You were able to convey your story of struggle & achievement and to leave us with a message to ‘never give up’.  You can do it. Once again thank you for your presentation.

—Elvira Mazza, President, AIOP Mildura Chapter

Donna is an inspiration. Her experience of overcoming tremendous personal challenges to achieve the impossible, delivers great insight and impact. Her engaging style of presentation combined with frankness and humility has inspired me and most people I know who have had the opportunity to engage with Donna.

—Shabbir Wahid, Director, VFS Global Services

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