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Jade Miles

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“Every decision we make has an impact – on other humans, creatures and ecosystems. How do you make your decisions and will their impact be degenerative, sustainable or regenerative?

With the bush in her bones and business in her head, Jade Miles is a poly-jobist right down to her toes (which are probably barefoot and muddy). She’s a local food advocate and educator, business builder, food co-op founder, author, podcaster and regenerative heritage fruit farmer.

Together with her husband and three kids, Jade runs Black Barn Farm, a biodiverse orchard, nursery and workshop space in Northeast Victoria. She’s an active presence in the regenerative space, hosting school programs, permaculture and homesteading workshops while sitting on multiple boards – all in the name of reconnecting people to nature, food and a simpler existence.

From sitting quietly my her fathers side on Indigenous country as he painted the ochre tones of the land, to dodging exploding jars of homemade tomato sauce as a homegrown hippy kid Jade went on to teach drama to kids in the bush, hitchhike through central America solo and set up cafes in Cambodia and Vanuatu all the while dipping back into the odd spate of strategic development work for values aligned businesses such as Sustainable Table where she is currently CEO.

Encouraging us all to step outside our comfortable place, be still, be curious, be observant and be united in our celebration of food and those who grow it is Jade’s super power. Jade joins the dots through the power of storytelling, calling a spade a spade and encouraging all of us to redefine success, celebrate simple and build ritual for community now and for the next seven generations.


  • Rebuilding Culture
  • Homesteading
  • Futuresteading – living like tomorrow matters
  • Building Resilience
  • Learning to become dynamic
  • Connectiong to the natural world
  • Building celebrations for the food we eat and the farmers who grow it 
  • Community building/connection
  • Why its time to be bold
  • Storytelling
  • Gratitude
  • Finding joy in simplicity
  • Defining enough

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