Bri Lee’s powerful memoir, Eggshell Skull is out now!



Bri Lee’s powerful memoir, Eggshell Skull is out now!

ggshell Skull is a courageous account of one woman’s experience with the legal system; detailing Bri Lee’s journey from daughter of a policeman to judge’s associate, and eventually, complainant in her own case.

It’s difficult to put into words just how important this story is at this moment, but we feel that our good friend, Clementine Ford, said it best:

“This is not an easy read. But it’s a reflection of the reality we live in. I cannot recommend this book more highly, particular to those who are not fully aware of just how unfair the legal system is for complainants. If you struggle to understand what rape culture is, this book will give you a clarity that might shock you. How can there be justice for people in a system mostly designed and prosecuted by people for whom sexual assault and rape will never be more than a theoretical equation?

If you have ever uttered the phrase, ‘There’s no such thing as a rape culture’, you need to read this book. If you believe that ‘women lie all the time’ just to get revenge or out of guilt over sex, you need to read this book. If you think men are being unfairly accused by women and that the system is predisposed against them ‘because feminism’, you need to read this book.”

Listen to Bri discuss her journey with Life Matters’ Amanda Smith here.


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