Men’s Health Week

14-20 June

Men’s Health Week is about recognising the key health issues men face, and reducing the stigma that can hold them back from accessing help when it’s needed most.

By challenging harmful stereotypes and promoting cultural change, men can be empowered to speak up about issues they are facing in their lives.

A conversation can change a life. Drawing from their own experiences – from battling the black dog to working on the front lines of support services – our speakers can help to open up the dialogue for change.

More information and resources about Men’s Health Week are available here.


  • Nick Bracks

    Nick Bracks

    Nick Bracks is a mental health advocate who speaks candidly on his struggle with depression and anxiety, and how he overcame these issues and thrived. His story is optimistic and […]

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  • David Roland

    David Roland

    Dr David Roland is a writer, speaker and psychologist. He worked as a clinical and forensic psychologist for more than twenty years before focussing on writing and speaking. He is […]

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  • Arne Rubenstein

    Dr Arne Rubinstein

    Dr Arne Rubinstein has been working with teenagers and their families for over 30 years as a doctor, counsellor, mentor, speaker and workshop facilitator. He is the author of the […]

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  • Cameron Daddo

    Cameron Daddo

    Cameron Daddo is an actor, singer/songwriter and an evening DJ at Smooth FM. For the actor a good chunk of time is spent auditioning for parts. For everyone else, in many […]

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  • Luke Ablett

    Luke Ablett

    Luke Ablett is a former AFL player. He played 133 games with the Sydney Swans including the 2005 Premiership. Since retiring from the game, he has completed a Bachelor of […]

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  • Phil Barker

    Phil Barker

    Phil Barker is the author of The Revolution of Man, a manifesto for a new masculinity, a manhood that is positive, healthy and safe. As a regular commentator and columnist […]

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  • Jesse Fink

    Jesse Fink

    Jesse Fink has worked in journalism and publishing for over 25 years in various capacities: editor, writer, columnist, author. Jesse is the author of four books: Bon: The Last Highway: The […]

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  • Ben Cryan

    Ben Cryan

    Ben Cryan achieved the unachievable. In January 2011, Ben Cryan was what many of you would call the typical 31-year-old Aussie. However, his life changed in an instant when his […]

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  • Benjamin Law

    Benjamin Law

    Benjamin Law writes books, TV screenplays, columns, essays and feature journalism. Most recently, Ben edited the collection of stories through Black Inc Books, Growing Up Queer in Australia. He is […]

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  • Danny Blay

    Danny Blay

    Danny Blay is a policy advisor and trainer preventing family violence and violence against women and children. Danny was the Chief Executive Officer of No To Violence Male Family Violence […]

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  • Peter Charleston

    Peter Charleston

    Peter Charleston is a counselling and coaching psychologist and an expert in blending professional and personal development. Peter has been a Psychologist and psychotherapist for 25 years and runs his […]

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