Mental Health Week

9-17 October

Mental Health Week is about challenging ourselves to see mental illness in a more positive light, breaking down the barriers that can hold us back from having important conversations about our mental wellbeing.

From first-hand experiences with mental illness to expertise in psychology and mindfulness, these speakers can open up the dialogue in your workplace with warmth, compassion, and a touch of humour.

More information and resources about Mental Health Week are available here.


  • Jill Stark

    Jill Stark

    With a passion for equality, social justice and mental health, Jill Stark is fascinated by the complexity of the human experience and has a unique ability to bring the issues […]

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  • Justin Heazelwood

    Justin Heazlewood

    Justin Heazlewood is an award-winning triple-threat of writer, musician & comedian. As The Bedroom Philosopher he has appeared on Triple J & ABC TV, releasing three albums including the ARIA-nominated […]

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  • Jane Elms

    Jane Elms

    The modern world is full of stressful complexities which often seem overwhelming and contribute to stress and anxiety. With over 30 years in training and education, psychotherapy, counselling and mentoring, […]

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  • Ruth Clare

    Ruth Clare

    Ruth Clare is a Melbourne-based author and speaker. Her memoir Enemy: A Daughter’s Story of How Her Father Brought the Vietnam War Home is about growing up with a violent […]

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  • Peter Charleston

    Peter Charleston

    Peter Charleston is a counselling and coaching psychologist and an expert in blending professional and personal development. Peter has been a Psychologist and psychotherapist for 25 years and runs his […]

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  • Kate James

    Kate James

    Kate James began teaching a mainstream form of meditation in 2002. Not long after, she was invited to present to banking executives, lawyers and other corporate groups. Her teaching draws […]

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  • Clementine Ford

    Clementine Ford

    Clementine Ford is a Melbourne based writer, speaker and feminist thinker. She is the author of two books, Fight Like A Girl and Boys will be Boys, and has been […]

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  • Esther Mackay

    Esther McKay

    Esther Mckay is a retired forensic investigator, bestselling author and social justice campaigner. She is a passionate and long-standing mental health advocate dedicated to raising awareness and reducing the stigma […]

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  • Nick Bracks

    Nick Bracks

    Nick Bracks is a mental health advocate who speaks candidly on his struggle with depression and anxiety, and how he overcame these issues and thrived. His story is optimistic and […]

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  • Phil Barker

    Phil Barker

    Phil Barker is the author of The Revolution of Man, a manifesto for a new masculinity, a manhood that is positive, healthy and safe. As a regular commentator and columnist […]

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  • Sally Morris

    Sally Morris

    Sally Morris is on a mission to prevent suicide and improve the mental health of LGBTIQ people and communities. With an academic and professional background in human services, Sally has […]

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